Harriet & Bill (San Ramon)

We have been just delighted by the professionalism and courteous service of O’Sullivan and Son Construction, Inc.

Our neighbor recommended Oliver to us, so we tried him for a small project to trim around the new electric panel installed in the side of our house. Oliver said he’d be able to take on the job immediately and kept his word by coming over the same day!

We were so impressed with how nice a job he did, that we asked him to install the new entry door to our home we had wanted for so long. Oliver sent Oliver a text message to say the door had arrived at Home Depot, and he picked it up the at Home Depot the very next morning. He made every accommodation possibly to insure he got out door installed for us before our house was to be painted the next day! Respecting our schedules, Oliver ensured that he returned to finish installing every last piece of hardware and moulding in as timely a manner as even the most demanding client would have expected.
In between the electric panel trim and the entry door installation, we needed some material removed from one eave on our home before the house painters were to begin. After asking Oliver if he could accept the project, he so kindly came the next evening after his normal workday, and worked diligently up until dark to complete the project ahead of the painters arriving!

Oliver possesses those skills and traits of a craftsman who you don’t find very often these days. Simply said, they don’t make ’em like him anymore. We’re so pleased with his courtesy and professionalism that we wouldn’t think of calling anyone else but Oliver for all our home improvement projects and needs.

-Harriet & Bill

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